Meet the Team

Meet the Team

The demands of the ever expanding ShellPay ecosystem require a commitment to attracting and developing diverse talent from varied backgrounds and skills. ShellPay prizes creativity, outside the box thinking and an attitude that aims to break the right rules.

Jane Zhang is an investor and entrepreneur specializing in information technology, gaming, education and blockchain. A founder and executive at several companies, she created ShellPay in 2015, and has since overseen the growth and expansion of the ShellPay ecosystem. A blockchain evangelist, Jane is renowned for her grasp of how innovations can be more widely applied.


Jane Zhang


Laurence’s achievements cover every aspect of contemporary marketing. A founder and director of creative agencies and a former manager for Novartis in Australia, his ability to connect brands to wider audiences is well established. As ShellPay CMO he expects to develop a global community of technology pioneers, bringing validation and adoption of crypto to the next phase of development.




Hank is a software developer and experienced IT consultant. He was a manager at HP and Deloitte before entering the blockchain industry full-time. As CTO of ShellPay Technologies Hank has developed several influential blockchain applications. Hank is also co-founder and CTO of the BRIKCOIN platform, a growing part of the ShellPay ecosystem.




Anita is a seasoned business development professional. She has had 20 years of engagement with European and Middle Eastern markets and is an expert in building professional networks. She is multilingual and has an excellent track record in opening emerging markets for businesses. Anita began working in blockchain in 2016. She has since earned a prominent position in the European Blockchain Community.


Anita Kalergis


Grace is a skilled and experienced professional with expertise in HR and Finance and a proven track record for performing well in high-volume, high-pressure environments. She has worked for over 15 years in companies around the globe in a career pursued in China, Europe and the USA. Grace has been with ShellPay since 2016.


Grace Zhang

Executive Assistant to CEO and Head HR

Angkan has been involved in blockchain since 2012 and has operated the respected ICO financial databank, He comes with a diverse personal and professional background having grown up and worked in Singapore, India, US and now China and is the CMO for BRIKCOIN.


Angkan Mukherjee


Luke is a writer with a background covering a wide range of industries, countries, publications and companies. An Irish native, he has worked in Ireland, Lebanon, France and China, where he began to work in technology copywriting in 2016. He later started to write and edit in the blockchain industry. He joined ShellPay in 2018.


Luke Sheehan



L4, 285 Jianguo W Rd, Xuhui Qu,

Shanghai Shi, China, 200032






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